$20 Mystery Bag!!

$20 Mystery Bag!!

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Lets have some FUN! Who doesn't love a good surprise!? No 2 bags are the same!! I have 2 of each size available (S, M, L, XL, 1X, 2X, 3X) and all items will be from our NEW Spring/Summer Inventory.

Option 1: $20 ($30-$35 value)
Includes 2 items- example: 1 Top, 1 piece of jewelry

Option 2: $30 ($50-60 value)
Includes 3 items- items may vary could be 2 tops and a piece of jewelry or 1 dress and 2 accessories depending on the items

Option 3: $40 ($70-80 value)
Includes 5 items- items may vary between tops,dresses, accessories, jewelry

To purchase, comment with your size and email and these will ship right to your home! Due to the nature of the game, all sales are final unless item is damaged. ❤❤